Auction results are sorted under the following rules:

  • Alphabetically, by name of the author or title of the work.
  • Alphabetically, by titles for each individual author.
  • Chronologically, for different editions of one title.
  • Author's name and birth/death dates.
    20th century books are preceded by a white square.
    Book title.

Bibliographical Information:

  • Place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
  • Format of work.
  • Illustration(s), illustrator(s), and description of illustrations.
  • Bibliographical details of edition (paper), citations.

Description of work offered at auction

  • Chronological number assigned in l'Argus for each work.
  • Description of the work (paper, additions, autographed copy, dedicated).
  • Description of the binding.
  • State of binding and name of bindery.
  • Provenance.
  • Date, place, and name of auction and auctioneer.
  • Price result.